‘Low man on the ladder’ found way to the top with RSI


Many companies are recognized not by their actual performance but rather their distinctive logo, or a mascot, or particular slogan or jingle. And, then there is Remedial Systems Integrated.

RSI, started out of a garage in suburban Tampa, and known mostly by its satisfied customers, which is perfectly fine with entrepreneur and CTO (Chief Tinkering Officer) Simo Koncalovic and his trademark smile.

Koncalovic is a natural. And, he’s got the bona fides to boot! Simo majored in Mechanical Engineering and is a graduate of Purdue University in Indiana.

Simo entered the remediation game in a most-indirect manner. He was the new guy working at a major software company that specialized in quality control (QC) for manufacturers.

So, ever the curious intellectual, Simo embraced his “low man on the ladder” position as a maintenance tech and learned all he could, blending his software engineering skills with actual mechanisms.

It was in this capacity that Simo became an accomplished manufacturing engineer.

In fact, when Simo was earning his Bachelor’s degree, he supported himself working as an electrician, carpenter, and even a heavy-machinery operator.

He loved it!

Courtesy photos. Simo Koncalovic is the founder and entrepreneur behind Remedial Systems Integrated (RSI) but his favorite title is “Daddy,” with son Milan.

His cognitive wheels were spinning just as fast as the gears he was maintaining. College wasn’t an after-thought, but Simo loved being around things. And, making those things better . . . it brought a smile to his face.

Simo had the chance to work on a non-operating control system for a client in the environmental industry.

Applying his knowledge of software and mechanical skills, Simo was able to do what the previous experts and consultants couldn’t . . . get the system to perform! And, it not only was operational, the efficiencies surpassed those from

pre-Simo; this is what makes Simo smile.

Word of Simo’s ability to take non-

operational or poorly operating systems and improve them spread. Simo was in high demand.

“We need a compressor with capacity of 360 cfm at 20 psi!” screams the controller who can’t finish a job. Simo smiles and furrows his brow diving into calculations.

After writing in his pad and running to the local hardware store, Simo cobbles together a solution that allows the client to finish the job in record time. Simo smiles.

After many repaired and saved systems requiring unique and novel design solutions, Remedial Systems Integrated was born. Shortly after the start-up began, Simo’s team began introducing proprietary systems and modular designs, no longer just fixing other manufacturers’ problems.

RSI designs practical systems that work around the clock.

Environmental machinery, especially remediation equipment, typically has to run continuously for extended periods. Remedial Systems Integrated’s designs and systems satisfy the demand for reliability and results. And, practicality. All designs are able to be augmented with parts immediately available from suppliers like Home Depot, Grainger, et Al to prevent costly delays.

RSI now offers reliable systems, to include a new line for wastewater and storm water, throughout Florida. It’s satisfying. Satisfaction with a job well-done and happy clients do make Simo smile; but his real joy is spending time with his son, Milan.

Milan loves tractors and his favorite activity is to ride the tractor with his daddy. And, you don’t even need to look too closely at Milan to see that trademark smile lighting up his face.●

What is RSI?

Remedial Systems Integrated designs and builds remediation systems for resale or rent. Rental is quickly becoming their business, as they provide a very cost-effective solution for several common industry problems: RSI ensures run time, RSI conducts maintenance, and a headache-free solution. RSI systems are designed to avoid lengthy electrical permitting, complex plumbing connections, and bulky/awkward trailers, thus significantly reducing the time between when the system is delivered and when the system is started.


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