Podcast Episodes

Episode 6: Interview with Representative Toby Overdorf

In this episode, Ryan and Brett take a trip down memory lane to a conversation they had with Representative Toby Overdorf back in July when they were in Marco Island for the Environmental Permitting Summer School.


Episode 5: Introduction to One Water with Amy Tracy

In this episode, Ryan and Brett take their show on the road to record at the AIF Water Forum in Tampa where they get into the subject of the combined challenge of restoring water quantity and quality at the same time in a state that’s growing by leaps and bounds.


Episode 4: Editorial Board November/December Issue

Episode 3: Water Conservation Tech

In this episode, ​Ryan and ​Brett are joined by John Bell and James Eklund as they discuss the past, present, and future of water conservation in ​Florida, highlighting the benefits of ​gray water reuse and the state's efforts in promoting new conservation tools.


Episode 2: Editorial Board September/October Issue

In this episode, the full complement of the Florida Specifier Editorial Board gets together to introduce the new Editor in Chief, Patrick Gillespie, and kick off the latest issue.


Inaugural Episode – Season 1, Episode 1

In the very first episode of the Florida Specifier Podcast, the Editorial Board of the newly revamped environmental news outlet gets things kicked off.