Definition of ‘adjacent’ waterbody could elude forever

BY LORI COOLIDGE, P.G. Senior Professional Geologist, Associate with GHD Funny how the definition of a word can be viewed so differently by people. Take the word “adjacent.” Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “adjacent” as “not distant: nearby,” “having a common endpoint or border,” or “immediately preceding or following.” When viewing the word “adjacent” from […]

FDEP publishes first 2023 update of Piney Point

By BLANCHE HARDY, PG The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has published the first 2023 update on the conditions at the abandoned Piney Point phosphate plant. The site is most recently known for the 10-million-gallon release of contaminated water in October 2021 that discharged more than 16 tons of nitrogen and other contaminants into […]

More science; Less lip-service when it comes to landscapes

By JOE SAMNIK, Consulting Arborist You might recall the day when it was thought impossible that smoking would not be allowed in public places. Or the day that refusal to do business at certain levels in social economic venues could be prohibited. The days when Big Brother and his involvement in your business life was […]

Big Shoals State Forest expands with purchase of 142 acres

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS Big Shoals State Forest will expand by 142 acres following a critical acquisition of land within the Florida Wildlife Corridor in Hamilton County, Florida. Alachua Conservation Trust worked with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to acquire the Big Shoals State Forest addition. Florida Forever, the State’s premier program for […]

LG Sonic deploys ultrasonic buoys to combat algal blooms

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS Power generation facilities can maintain the quality of their cooling water by utilizing low-power ultrasound technology to prevent algal blooms. Cooling ponds and canals are an effective way to reject waste heat from power generation facilities, but they are not without their challenges. Algal blooms can disrupt the operation of the […]

Recycle Florida Today, Advance Composting team up in Florida

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS Recycle Florida Today (RFT), the state’s leading recycling organization, announced its affiliation with the US Composting Council (USCC) as well as with composting leaders in Florida to form a chapter known as the Florida Composting Council. During the next couple of months, the chapter will be bringing together organics recyclers across […]

2022 sees 2 state saltwater fishing records broken in 1 day

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS When Matthew Marovich set out fishing in August of last year, he didn’t know he would be catching two record-breaking fish. Setting out from Sarasota on a flat calm day with clear skies, the day was perfect for catching fish. With ideal conditions, Marovich was able to land a new state […]

SBEP hopes to create a more resilient Sarasota Bay

By DAVID TOMASKO, Ph.D, Executive Director, Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Hurricane Ian had a devastating impact on Southwest Florida. It was the fourth deadliest hurricane to hit our state, but easily the deadliest Florida storm over the past half a century. Damage is estimated to be in the multiple tens of billions of dollars. The […]

Q&A: Constructing water wells poses numerous questions

By DAVID N. ARNOLD, Regulation Well Construction Manager, Southwest Florida Water Management District Many property owners have questions about the process of constructing wells with regards to permits, regulations, etc. The Southwest Florida Water Management District is working with the Florida Groundwater Association on a public outreach campaign to help property owners find information about […]

Prepare your business for Federal Agency visit, phone call

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS As a fellow reader of this publication, I value the information provided by the many professionals who share updates, trends, and other tips in their respective areas. The information shared helps our firm and our clients. As a trusted and value-added advisor, we provide objective and compliant, results-oriented analysis, suggest targeted […]

It’s much more enjoyable to watch one’s self improve

By CAPT. MATT BADOLATO It’s fun to be terrible at something new. Why? Inexperience with new things brings us back to childhood. Back when every activity was fresh and exciting. Streetlights flicker in our mind. Neural pathways light up. We experience radical amazement in a whole new world. I set off for Lake Okeechobee, my […]

‘Low man on the ladder’ found way to the top with RSI

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS Many companies are recognized not by their actual performance but rather their distinctive logo, or a mascot, or particular slogan or jingle. And, then there is Remedial Systems Integrated. RSI, started out of a garage in suburban Tampa, and known mostly by its satisfied customers, which is perfectly fine with entrepreneur […]

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