Water 101 Campaign – Your Questions Answered

water 101


Q: What is Water 101?

Q: What resources are available for homeowners through the Water 101 campaign?

Q: What is the Water 101 for Communities webpage?

Q: Why is protecting our water resources so important?

A: Water is a limited resource in Florida that we all play a role in protecting, which makes it important to understand your personal impact. The choices you make as a homeowner or community, from the plants in your landscape to how you water your lawn, can make a big difference to your overall water use. The District encourages everyone to do their part in protecting and conserving our shared water resources. To learn more, visit WaterMatters.org/Water101.

As lead conservation education coordinator, Katherine manages the District’s youth education program and assists in water conservation outreach efforts. Katherine holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies concentrating in Environmental Education and Communication from Green Mountain College. She also holds a master’s degree in Global Sustainability concentrating on water sustainability from the University of South Florida.