Federal court decision upends State 404 permitting in Florida

The recent federal court decision has significantly altered the 404 permitting process in Florida, marking a pivotal shift in environmental and developmental regulations within the state. This ruling challenges existing practices and sets a new precedent for future permitting processes.

Connection and Collaboration Are Key to Implementing a One Water Approach in a Changing World

Robert Beltran on One Water Approach

Florida’s water environment faces unprecedented challenges from population growth, aquifer limits, and climate change. The One Water approach emerges as a holistic strategy, integrating water system management to ensure sustainability and resilience. Dewberry and the Florida Specifier team champion this integrated method, discussing its many facets on their podcast.

Florida Notes


In “Florida Notes” by The Florida Specifier, readers find a curated collection of environmental stories and insights, highlighting the challenges and triumphs within Florida’s diverse ecosystems. This section is a go-to source for those keen on understanding and preserving the Sunshine State’s natural beauty and environmental integrity.

Florida Legislature Invests Billions in the Environment

environmental funding

Legislation by Sen. Travis Hutson and Rep. James Buchanan has paved the way for significant environmental funding, channeling nearly all proceeds from the 2021 Gaming Compact into eco-friendly projects. Their initiative marks a pivotal shift in funding priorities, with the environment emerging as a primary beneficiary.

Key Policy Items That Got Across the Legislative Finish Line

The Florida Legislature recently concluded its 60-day session, passing several bills focused on environmental improvement and regulation. Governor Ron DeSantis now has the option to sign or veto these bills, including ones related to stormwater management, aquatic vessel operation, water well regulation, and mitigation bank credits.

Climate Change Report Warns of Coastal Challenges Ahead

Climate Change Report

The Climate Change Report, part of the U.S. Fifth National Climate Assessment, underscores the dire impacts of climate change on coastal regions, emphasizing the critical need for robust resilience and adaptation efforts in response to sea level rise and heightened storm activity.