Future bright for environmentally sustainable solutions

By NICOLE BOTS, Biologist, Tetra Tech, Inc. Countries and companies around the world have set goals of halving or outright eliminating their emissions by the 2030s, and the U.S. is no exception. The complete transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is approaching rapidly, aided in part by subsidies and decreasing costs associated with developing […]

US Patent replaces ‘box of chocolates’ this Valentine’s Day

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS US Patent Office grants Tersus a New Patent. Authors of the newly issued patent are Gary Birk, Florida-Licensed Professional Engineer and David Alden. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent US 11,577,231 B2 (the ‘231 patent) to Tersus Environmental. Officially granted on Feb. 14, 2023, the ‘231 patent is […]

If a tree falls in the forest, does it require a permit?

By JOE SAMNIK, Forensic Consulting Arborist One of the advantages of growing old in the marketplace is the ability to look back upon what was. As I reflect more than 57 years of practice, I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing when tree codes first were established in Florida. […]

Who takes blame for PFAS contamination in our ecosystem?

By AARON GETCHELL, CPG, PG When you point a finger at someone to blame them for something, there are three fingers pointing back at yourself. There is a lot of blame to assign for widespread Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) contamination in our ecosystem. PFAS appears to be ubiquitous in the environment, has been bioaccumulating […]

Paint makers choose not to accept building science

By HARRY J. LUBITZ, CSI, CDT, IIBEC, United Gilsonite Laboratories Did you ask the exterior of your structure… “Should I Breathe?” Breathability of exterior coatings seems to be a subject I am questioned about weekly. During the past several decades, exterior paint manufacturers have been touting the “breathability” of their products and how this is […]

EPRI: More energy storage needed for stable, reliable grid

By BLANCHE HARDY, PG The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) recently received an update from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) on the past, present, and developing future of energy storage. “As EPRI emphasized today, energy storage is key to a low carbon future in the electrical industry,” said PSC Chairman Andrew Fay. “With Florida’s […]

Carbon capture storage, technology offers promise, peril

By LINA ALFIERI STERN, MBA, MSRED, LEED Green Associate Carbon capture is a process of capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) from sources such as power plants or industrial processes. This is done to, purportedly, reduce the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. The captured CO2 is stored in underground geological formations, deep […]

Ever wonder what water industry will look like in 2030?

By ADAM TANK, Chief Customer Officer, Transcend Software Water is the most important thing most people never think about. We just witnessed the end of a radical decade in digital transformation. Rapid advances in ‘buzzword’ technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things (IOT), and cloud computing have changed how every major global industry […]

Less freshwater flowing to lower Withlacoochee River

By MARK FULKERSON, Ph.D., P.E., Chief Professional Engineer Southwest Florida Water Management District The Withlacoochee River begins in the Green Swamp, a vast landscape of wetlands and uplands between Lakeland and Orlando. From there, the river flows northward through eight Florida Counties before discharging into the Gulf of Mexico near Yankeetown. Along the river’s 160-mile […]

North Florida, South Florida vie to be most-polluted region

By Dr. ROBERT KNIGHT Given the environmental disaster that has continued to engulf the estuaries and beaches on both sides of the state, South Florida’s guacamole-filled coastal waters are receiving the state and national press they deserve. But thanks to on-going releases of nutrient-laden water from sugar plantations, ranches, and other intensive agricultural operations; toxic […]

Creating alignment with company’s vision key to success

By MIKE ELLICOTT, EOS Worldwide “Vision” is a staple in business and with more than 10,000 book titles listed on Amazon, there’s no shortage of “help.” If you’ve been in business a while you’ve already got a vision. You and your leadership team all see that vision in ways that are pretty similar, with maybe […]

Anglers Inn University offers fishing lessons for everyone

By RON GIUDICE When Billy Chapman opened up Brazil to peacock bass fishing in the Amazon Jungle 45 years ago, little did he envision the impact he would have on the sport today. He did know that stewardship of fisheries in South America, and then to the lakes of Mexico, was key to decades and […]

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