Episode 12: Editorial Board

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In this episode, a Ryan-less Specifier editorial board discusses Florida’s recently passed budget and its increased focus on water and environmental programs; the ratification of the statewide stormwater rule; the opening of Florida rules regarding Water Quality Credit Trading (WQCT) and Water Quality Enhancement Areas (WQEA); what the latest legal wrangling around 404 wetlands permitting means for the future; and of course, a sneak peek of the upcoming Environmental Permitting Summer School in Marco Island.

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A huge thank you goes out to Bagels and Biscuits for giving permission to use their music for the podcast.

This episode is a production of The Florida Specifier. Audio production and editing is by Karl Sorne and Dave Barfield at Lonely Fox Studios.

A special shout out goes to our very own Jamie Sheehan and Tracy Kistler for keeping us organized and moving forward.

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