Florida’s water policy remains center stage

Florida’s water policy and investment in water quality and quantity are crucial for the state’s growth and environment. The 2023 Florida Water Forum will address these critical issues.

Fungible Assets Offset Environmental Impact

Mitigation banking utilizes fungible assets to offset environmental impact, providing a market-based solution that balances human health, biodiversity, and sustainability.

Water Consumption in the Face of PFAS

The Florida PFAS Coalition has recommended strategies for addressing water contamination by “Forever Chemicals,” including the formation of a response team and testing private wells near suspected contamination zones.

Impact of New Florida Stormwater Regulations

New Florida stormwater regulations in will bring significant changes to stormwater management practices, requiring developers and engineers to meet enhanced standards for water quality protection.

Jimmy Buffett: Singer, Songwriter & Everglades Advocate

Jimmy Buffett, singer, songwriter, and Everglades advocate, passed away at the age of 76. He was passionate about restoring and protecting America’s Everglades and Florida’s waterways. Governor Ron DeSantis ordered flags at half-staff to honor him.

Upcoming episodes of the Florida Specifier Podcast and Water for Fighting

For the Florida Specifier Podcast, hosts Ryan Matthews and Brett Cyphers will be discussing legislative priorities with Representatives Bobby Payne and Toby Overdorf.  They’ll also cover the contentious Waters of the United States (WOTUS) case, its aftermath, and the road ahead with a former EPA general counsel and a surprise guest. They’ll also be putting […]

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