Growing a business takes perspective, requires knowledge

By RICK MORGENWECK The readership of this paper includes engineers, scientists, remediators, lawyers, and many others. Most of you share a characteristic that allows you to be successful in your field, you have specific knowledge in a focused area of expertise. Many of you are running a business or a division, as well, and that […]

Hunting takes us to places in wilderness, minds, hearts

By CAPT. MATT BADOLATO Dangling by a ratchet strap, the steel, two-person treestand sat cock-eyed 15 feet up in a pine tree. “That’s not how its supposed to look,” I said to Dustin, who rolled his eyes. He handed me the instruction booklet, which showed a warning graphic depicting the exact scene above. We eventually […]

Feds’ silence on gopher tortoises is deafening

By RALPH DeMEO Guilday Law Firm and MACIE CODINA, Law Clerk at Guilday Law At a time when wildlife habitat degradation is on the rise throughout the State of Florida and the southeastern United States, the recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife decision to completely delist the gopher tortoise population in Florida could have life or […]

FWC: Bears prepping for hibernation should not be fed

By BLANCHE HARDY, PG It’s bear season. Florida’s black bears are prepping for winter and although Florida’s forested areas offer abundant food for hungry hibernation-preparing bears, they frequently feed in residential areas where food is high in calories and easy to obtain. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has a saying everyone should […]

USDA awards ACT $7.85 million for 41 locally-led projects

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced $197 million in federal funding for 41 locally-led conservation projects through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP). Included in those projects is Alachua Conservation Trust’s (ACT) Forest to Gulf RCPP, which has been awarded $7.85 million to expand conservation programs in North Central Florida. […]

Is ‘Circular Economy’ just another buzzword?

By KAREN J. DEETER, Senior Consultant, MSW Consultants The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has included a circular economy approach in its National Recycling Strategy. According to EPA, “A circular economy reduces material use, redesigns materials to be less resource intensive, and recaptures ‘waste’ as a resource to manufacture new materials and products.” EPA also […]

Environmental Excellence Day changes
to Feb. 9

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS Because of Hurricane Nicole, the Metropolitan Environmental Training Alliance’s (METRA) Environmental Excellence Day was postponed to Feb. 9, 2023. This annual event will be held at the Winter Park Events Center. the event will feature presentations from experts in the areas of hazardous waste management; storage tank compliance; air permitting; asbestos; and […]

Florida Brownfields Association honors 3 with awards

STAFF & WIRE REPORTS At the 25th Annual Florida Brownfields Conference in Sarasota, the Florida Brownfields Association recognized excellence in brownfields redevelopment and environmental justice with three awards. The Sunrise Award: This award aims to promote, recognize, and celebrate innovative and impactful brownfields redevelopment projects in the state of Florida. Awardees leverage the power of […]

Mangrove has proven to be most important tree in Florida

By FRED MAYS Mangroves are among the most abundant trees on the planet, covering temperate and tropical inter-tidal shorelines around the world. Sadly, and most-notably here in Florida, as development sprawls in coastal areas, mangroves have disappeared at an alarming rate. Mangroves once occupied millions of acres of Florida’s waterways. Given the coastal development of […]

Environmental red tape different as sea turtles, salmon

By JUSTIN B. GREEN, Consultant While signing up for a Specifier membership under my new business, Justin B. Green Consulting, I was asked if I would reflect on recent changes in my life that took me from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ); and then to […]

Now is time to ID storage tanks’ water trouble spots

By DAN JENKINS, Accident and Preventative Maintenance Specialist, Steel Camel What lessons can Fuel Tank Owners, Regulators, and Contractors learn from Hurricane Ian with regards to Water Damage? The Florida DEP is tasked with preventing fuel releases into ground water so Floridians, tourists, and all forms of flora and fauna can enjoy without harm. With […]

Evaluating hurricane damage can be daunting, beneficial

By LEO CANNYN, PMP, P.E., ENV SP, Principal Project Manager, Beryl Project Engineering Florida recently was hit with a one-two punch coming in the form of Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. Ian’s winds and storm surge followed by Nicole’s tremendous rainfall have raised a multitude of structural issues for property owners, insurers, and legislators. Ian brought […]

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