Episode 2: Editorial Board September/October Issue

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In this episode, the full complement of the Florida Specifier Editorial Board gets together to introduce the new Editor in Chief, Patrick Gillespie, and kick off the latest issue. Patrick, Ryan Matthews, Jeff Littlejohn, and Brett Cyphers talk about changes in format to the print and online editions; predictions on the statewide stormwater rule ratification; the AIF Water Forum; upcoming episodes of the podcast; and the articles in the current issue that captured their attention the most.

Patrick and the Specifier’s technical guru, Tracy Kistler, have brought a new look and feel to the Specifier’s website.  To browse the best environmental news and information site in Florida and beyond, head here:


Brett’s pick of the issue is from the Specifier’s front page, and it covers some good news coming out of the St. Johns River Water Management District region related to Lake Apopka. You can check out that article here:


Ryan touches on an issue that has gained plenty of steam and attention in recent years, and he makes Jorge Caspary’s new article his pick of the issue.  Find that article here:


Jeff highlights a little-known story to many involving an official designation related to the Rice’s Whale.  To learn more about how that designation can have wide impacts on Florida, go here:


To learn more about the AIF Water Forum, to be held November 1-2, check out this article by our friend Brewster Bevis and event website here:


and here:


A huge thank you goes out to Bagels and Biscuits for giving permission to use their music for the podcast.

This episode is a production of The Florida Specifier.  Audio production and editing is by Karl Sorne and Dave Barfield at Lonely Fox Studios.

A special shout out goes to our very own Jamie Sheehan and Tracy Kistler for keeping us organized and moving forward.