New Series on Florida’s Environmental Challenges Streaming


Protect Our Paradise

A new six-part documentary that takes a look at conservation efforts in Florida and what different groups are doing to protect Florida lands is streaming now.

“Protect Our Paradise: Presented by Conservation Florida,” explores Florida’s wild, wonderful places and examines environmental issues that threaten their very existence, according to the Conservation Florida website. The series has been available for streaming worldwide starting October 18th on the Discover Florida Channel.

“I’ve been exploring Florida’s beauty my whole life, so seeing the environmental challenges we face was difficult,” said Chad Crawford, “Protect Our Paradise” host and founder of Crawford Entertainment. “The land that we love is being threatened like never before — and let’s face it, we’re all part of the problem.”

According to Conservation Florida, a non-profit group that works on land conservation, more than 100,000 acres are lost to development in Florida each year — critical lands that countless endangered species including the elusive Florida panther rely on.

This six-episode series serves as a call-to-action, inspiring viewers to join Conservation Florida and its countless conservation partners in protecting the Sunshine State. Episodes feature the work of organizations and conservationists like MANG Apparel, Carlton Ward Jr., Clay Henderson, and many more, all working toward a common goal: keeping wild Florida wild.

“Florida is my home,” said Conservation Florida CEO Traci Deen. “It’s also home to nearly 22 million other people, and that number is growing by the minute. What we save and what we pave will determine the future of the Florida we know and love.”

The docuseries promises to serve as an educational and inspirational tool for individuals and communities interested in conservation, sustainability, and the protection of our planet’s natural beauty. Visit to get involved.

Protect Our Paradise Presented by Conservation Florida

To watch “Protect Our Paradise: Presented by Conservation Florida,” download the Discover Florida Channel app or visit

Conservation Florida assists with facilitating, purchasing, or accepting donations of land and conservation easements, serving as a trusted community partner to support statewide land conservation, and through effective advocacy, education, and outreach programming. ●


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