Investing in Septic Tanks Now Will Help Florida’s Waters and Help Florida Taxpayers

Investing in the expansion of sewers and water infrastructure while addressing the septic tank issue will improve the quality of life and environment in Central Florida, as recommended by Florida TaxWatch. It is crucial to develop a comprehensive plan and secure funding for water-infrastructure projects to prevent future complex and expensive problems related to water quality.

Smart Growth is Possible With Smart Policy

Sean Parks, emphasizes the importance of growth management policies to ensure a better future for Florida’s economy. He suggests implementing green infrastructure policies, protecting unique lands, and exploring innovative development models to drive economic prosperity and address affordable housing issues.

Denial of disaster part of human nature; it won’t happen here

By MICHEL BRUNEAU, Ph.D., P.Eng., Dist. M. ASCE, F.SEI, F.CAE Most Florida residents likely would be surprised to hear a California resident say that earthquakes are not a big deal in the Golden State. Just like most Californians would be surprised to hear Floridians say that hurricanes are not a big deal in the Sunshine […]

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