Designing Resilient Structures for Coastal Communities

Designing Resilient Structures for Coastal Communities

Designing resilient structures for coastal communities in Florida involves innovative strategies to combat natural disasters. This approach prioritizes robust materials and advanced technologies, ensuring buildings withstand environmental stresses while fostering sustainable development.

Conferences and Events

2024 Florida Cattlemen’s Association at the Capitol January 17, 2024 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Florida Capitol Large Vehicle Area, Tallahassee Hosted by Rep. Josie Tomkow. A steer will be on display in a trailer on the Capitol grounds. Florida Groundwater Conference January 23-24, 2024 Florida Hotel & Conference Center, Orlando The Annual Florida Groundwater […]

In Other News

In Other News

In other news: DEP Secretary Shawn Hamilton’s recent statement outlines the ambitious environmental goals in Governor Ron DeSantis’ ‘Focus on Florida’s Future Budget’ for Fiscal Year 2024-25. The budget prioritizes significant investments in Everglades restoration, water quality protection, and land acquisition for environmental resilience.

Indian River Lagoon Gets An End-Of-Year $100 Million Infusion

Indian River

The Indian River Lagoon Program has been bolstered by a $100 million funding infusion, aimed at enhancing water quality and preserving one of North America’s most biodiverse estuaries. This initiative underlines Florida’s commitment to safeguarding its crucial waterways.

NWFWMD Project Applications Due in February


The Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) is calling for project applications, with a deadline in February 2024. This funding initiative supports crucial springs restoration and alternative water supply projects, promoting sustainable water resource management in northwest Florida.

Reclaimed Water, Native Plants, Responsible Land Management

tropic traditions

Tropic Traditions Nursery in Florida sets a benchmark in sustainability with its innovative use of reclaimed water, cultivation of native plants, and responsible land management. This initiative not only conserves water but also supports local ecosystems and biodiversity.


From Around the Gulf provides a comprehensive exploration of the Gulf region, highlighting its unique environmental features and the socio-economic challenges faced by its coastal communities. This insightful piece sheds light on the intricate balance between development and conservation in this vital area.

Florida Notes


The approval of the 2023 North Florida Water Supply Plan marks a significant step in ensuring sustainable water resource management. This plan, developed collaboratively, aims to meet the increasing water demands while preserving the integrity of natural ecosystems in North Florida.

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